PCG Hosting is your complete web hosting service. Scalable, affordable, simple, reliable & fast web hosting. We have specialzed in small and medium sized business web hosting and email services since 1997. Our job is to help you and your business thrive on the Internet, whether just starting out or if you already have an established presence on the web. PCG Hosting Support
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Web Hosting Service Plan Features

PCG Hosting provides a wide-array of features with our hosting plans. Here is a brief description of some of them. Please note that all features may not be available with all plans. Please see our plan comparison for specific features.

Basic Features

E-Mail Features

Advanced Features

E-Commerce Solutions


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with PCG Hosting's hosting services, let us know within 30 days of your account's activation for a refund of all charges except set-up and overage fees. Set-up fees can only be refunded if your account is cancelled prior to activation. You can read more about our guarantees here.
Included with all plans.

99% Uptime Guarantee

PCG Hosting pledges that it will reliably maintain open connections from its servers to the world for 99% of the available time in each month. PCG Hosting will monitor our system's activity and interruptions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and ensures a prompt response to any outages. If we do not meet this guarantee, PCG Hosting will refund all fees paid by our customers during the given month. You can read more about our guarantees here.
Included with all plans.

Anonymous FTP

Enabling anonymous FTP allows visitors to upload and/or download files from a directory on your Web site without a unique ID and password. By setting "public" read and write permissions, you can restrict visitors' access to specific files and directories.
Included with all plans.

Anti-Spam Features

PCG Hosting provides anti-spam features on two levels. First, all of our servers check all incoming email against "realtime blacklists." These blacklists contain the network addresses and email addresses of known servers. If an email is received from someone on one of these lists, it is rejected. This alone results in a 70% decrease in spam! Secondly, we also offer SpamAssassin, a user configurable spam filtering software that you can access from your customer control panel.
Included with all plans.

Backup Utility

From your customer control panel, you can backup your entire web site in one zip file. A handy way to ensure you are protected if disaster ever strikes.
Included with all plans.

CGI scripts

CGI stands for "Common Gateway Interface." CGI-BIN files are programs commonly referred to as scripts, and allow interactive Web site features that can range from the simple (E-mail feedback form) to the very complex (database integration system or a shopping cart program). Not only can you use your own scripts, but we provide a library of some of the most popular scripts - guestbooks, email forms, etc. PCG Hosting has written a set of Technical Support documents on the subject of CGI-BIN scripts and their use on our systems. Please visit the Technical Support CGI-BIN Information Index.
Included with all plans.

Custom Error Pages

These allow you to create custom pages that are displayed whenever a visitor tries to go to a page on your site that is non-existent. We have all received the dreaded "page not found" error messages - these allow you to customize those messages and get your visitors to their correct destination.
Included with all plans.

Daily Site Statistics

PCG Hosting will provide you with daily site statistics to help you understand your Web site's usage. Our daily reports track which domains are accessing your site, how many hits you get, how much data is being transferred plus more data to help you understand your site's performance. This is critical information that you can use to make sure your site is meeting all of your business objectives. You can use any of three different web statistical programs (Urchin, Webalizer, & Analog) and download the raw log files for analysis in your own program if needed. For more information, please visit our Technical Support Statistical Information page.
Included with all plans.

Disk space

Disk space refers to the amount of server disk storage (hard drive) space, typically allocated in megabytes, where you store all of the different types of files that make up your Web site. Each PCG Hosting service plan includes a generous amount of disk storage space, and additional space can always be purchased for an additional cost of $1.00 per MB per month.
Amount varies by plan.

Email POP Accounts

Email pop accounts allow you to receive your e-mail directly at your domain server, thus eliminating the need for your Internet provider to store your e-mail messages. A minimum of 5 POP accounts are included with all domain services (see our plans & prices for current limits). Additional POP mailboxes may be purchased in blocks of five. For more information, please see our POP FAQ.
Included with all plans - actual number of mailboxes varies by plan.

Email Forwarding / Aliases

Once your Web site is active, you can receive all e-mail addressed to your domain such as "sales@your_domain.com" or "staff@your_domain.com", etc. For more information about E-mail forwarding, please visit our E-mail Alias and Forwarding Quick Start page.
Included with all plans - unlimited.

Email Autoresponders

E-mail autoresponders allow you to send a preformatted document whenever some sends an e-mail to a specific address at your Web site. For instance, you could configure your domain so that when someone e-mails "info@your_domain.com," an e-mail with information about your company is automatically sent to the sender.
Included with all plans - unlimited.

FTP Access

If the software you use does not automatically upload your files for you, you have unlimited use of FTP access. This also will often be used to upload and configure CGI scripts.
Included with all plans.

Local CGI-BIN Directory

All PCG Hosting customers have access to a personal CGI-Local directory, where you can place your own custom CGI scripts.
Included with all plans.

Mercantec SoftCart E-Commerce Package

Softcart allows users to setup an online catalog and ordering system allowing them to open an online store. Please see our e-commerce information for more detail.
Included with all UNIX e-commerce packages, optional on standard UNIX plans.

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

Microsoft's FrontPage® is the most popular Web-authoring tool available on the marketplace today. PCG Hosting will install Microsoft FrontPage extensions for your account, at no additional charge, allowing you to utilize the full range of functions offered by Microsoft FrontPage to create and maintain your Web site. For full details about PCG Hosting's FrontPage Web hosting services, policies and offers, please visit our FrontPage Information Index.
Available with all plans at no charge.

MySQL Databases

Many interactive web applications require database storage / interface. We provide you with MySQL, an easy to use database for use.
Included with all plans.

ODBC Database Connectivity

Open DataBase Connectivity allows you to link Web pages to over 55 databases and automatically update your Web site, and all connected pages within your site, when a change is made to the database. Information can be kept where it belongs, reducing the amount of information you must physically transfer to your Web pages.
Available with our Windows NT Premium and Ultimate plans.

Personal Domain Name

When you host your site with PCG Hosting, you will be able to establish your own Internet or World Wide Web address, or more commonly refered to as a "domain name" (exp. your_name.com). For more information about Internet Domain Names, registration and modification (or transfering a domain name from one Web provider to another), please visit our InterNIC and Domain Name Info page.
Included with all plans.

Site traffic

The outward-bound traffic from a Web site, with the exception of FTP. Any HTML, graphic, audio or video file that is accessed by someone visiting your site is included in this total.
Varies by plan.

SSL server access

SSL stands for "Secure Sockets Layer" protocol, and this will allow you connect securely from your personal computer to the Web server you're accessing. This protocol enables Web site owners to collect sensitive from your customers in a secure environment. Information is sent using a secure form to the server in an encrypted mode.
Included with all plans except Starter.


Telnet can be used to directly log onto your domain server space. This is rarely used except by advanced users.
Included with all plans.

User Control Panel

Our convenient control panel allows you configure features of your account online and in the easiest manner. From the control panel, you can configure things such as e-mail settings, FrontPage, and more.
Included with all plans.

User Configurable Email Filters

Email filters are handy for use in combatting spam. If you are constantly receiving email from someone using the email address john@justaspammer.com, you can add his address to your filters and have any email from him automatically deleted!
Included with all plans.

Web-Based Email Access

PCG Hosting knows that it is not always possible to be at your regular computer to check email. That is why we offer three different web-based email programs for you use. These programs offer complete access to your email, anywhere there is an Internet connection. The operation is not unlike HotMail, Yahoo Mail or other web-based email providers.
Included with all plans.