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PCG Hosting CGI Script Support

The question is, "how do you implement applications and interactive fields into your Web sites?" The answer is through the "CGI" or Common Gateway Interface. If you've visited a number of web sites on the Internet you've certainly come across or referenced a link that included "cgi-bin" in the URL (Uniform Resource Locator or "web address").

Interactive Web site features can range from the simple (email feedback form) to the very complex (database integration system or a shopping cart program). Cgi-bin files are programs commonly referred to as scripts and are most commonly written in the language Perl, and some will use C and C++ and the many Unix shell scripting languages.

It currently requires some existing knowledge and programming experience to fully utilize the aspects of cgi-bin scripts, but that should not prevent the average web page author from using existing scripts or programs on their own sites.

Many times people will publish or advertise their own scripts for public use. Many web developers find it convenient to take script templates from all over the Web and make custom changes to scripts suit their needs. This works well when someone has a fair amount of experience in using Perl or has already worked with a certain script. It becomes a problem unfortunately, when clients intend to setup these scripts but don't have the experience to troubleshoot the errors that may occur.


Please note: since we're focusing on charging you a low monthly hosting rate, we cannot afford to provide the very costly resources necessary to troubleshoot or check your cgi-bin scripts for free.

PCG Hosting does offer the most popular of CGI scripts, a form mail processing script that will process your forms and e-mail the results to an address that you choose.