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PCG Hosting Tech Support Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Getting Started FAQ

Web Site Admin FAQ

Tech Support FAQ

Web Application FAQ


This FAQ is intended to provide a fast and helpful resource of answers to some of the more commonly asked questions we receive. If you feel we have left a question / answer out, please E-mail it to: webmaster@pcghosting.com.

Getting Started Help

  1. How does the Internet work?
  2. What is a domain name?
  3. How do I get my own domain name?
  4. How long will my domain name registration take?
  5. Can I register my own domain name?
  6. What do I need before I can have a website at PCG Hosting?
  7. If I can't design my own Web Site, who can help me?
  8. What additional benefits are offered for PCG Hosting clients?
  9. Does PCG Hosting have a policy against "spamming" or "bulk emailing"?
  10. Will PCG Hosting host "Adult Oriented" Web Sites?
  11. Will PCG Hosting host "MP3" Sites?
  12. Will PCG Hosting host "WAREZ" sites?

Web Site Administration Information

  1. How do I upgrade to another PCG Hosting plan?
  2. How can I update my account contact information?
  3. Why is my "contact email address" important?
  4. Can I change my FTP userid and password?
  5. How can I contact PCG Hosting directly?
  6. How will I be billed for InterNIC charges?
  7. Who can I contact at InterNIC for billing questions?

Technical Support-related Information

  1. How much technical support do you offer?
  2. Which HTML editor should I use to create my website?
  3. How do I upload files to the webserver?
  4. How do I upload my site using Microsoft FrontPage?
  5. How do I get my home page to load automatically?
  6. If I experience problems connecting via FTP, what can I do?
  7. What file name types will my webserver accept?
  8. How do I create sub-directories within my website?
  9. How can I make sub-websites within my domain?
  10. How can I set permissions on files and directories?
  11. What kind of server will my site be stored on?
  12. How can I setup my mail forwarding options?
  13. How do I set up POP e-mail accounts?
  14. Why is my contact email address important?
  15. How do I register my site with search engines?
  16. How can I see the statistics for my site?

Web Applications

  1. Do you have a shopping cart program?
  2. How do I setup email forms?
  3. How can I perform secure transactions?
  4. Can I use Server Side Includes?
  5. How do I submit my own custom CGI scripts