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PCG Hosting Technical Support

PCG Hosting offers a wide-range of support options. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive. Should you need more help, feel free to contact us.
Customer Control Panel
Your control panel contains all of the controls you need to create and delete email accounts, view your web stats and more! Simply go to http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel and login with your user name and password.

PCG Hosting FAQ
Answers to the questions we are asked most frequently, from the basics of getting started with your hosting account, to using complex tools on your Website or setting up e-mail services.

Domain Names - Registration, Transfers, Sub-Domains and more
Registering your domain name is usually a simple process, but if you're having any problems, or if you're just curious how the process works, check this section for answers.

Email Aliases, Forwarding and POP Email Accounts
Not just "how-tos", but an explanation of the mechanics behind email aliasing, forwarding, and POP Email accounts plus examples of how to use your domain name in your email for a more professional appearance.

Publishing With Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft FrontPage is a Web publishing tool for people who don't have time or want to learn HTML. As a powerful piece of software, it has its own methods and conventions. This section contains links to the basics, and to outside resources for when you've gone beyond the basics.

Publishing With FTP
FTP is a time-tested method of transferring files on the internet. This section contains instructions for setting up and using your FTP software to connect to your Web site, a link to download the software, and an explanation of setting Unix permissions.

CGI-BIN Scripting Info
CGI Scripts can add interactive features to your Web Site, making it more useful and fun for your visitors. Whether you're a beginner who has never used a script before, or an advanced CGI programmer, you will find the information you need in this section.
Miscellaneous Support Help
Anonymous FTP
Use this tool to share files between you and your customers.

Getting Hits
Statistics - What are they?

E-Commerce and Secure Server Help
Want to know how to set up an e-commerce enabled Web site. Here's how!

Who To Contact at PCG Hosting
Your issues will be addressed more quickly if your email is directed to the right mailbox. Here's where to send what.