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Anonymous FTP Technical Support

Anonymous FTP allows you to provide a convenient point for distribution of files to your customers.  You will notice in your home directory a directory named "ftp". Inside this directory are three sub directories, bin, pub and uploads. 

  • The "bin" directory holds some necessary system files. There is nothing you need to do with them, they allow the proper operation of your anonymous FTP services; please make sure you do not change or delete that directory.
  • The "uploads" directory is where people may upload files to you. Anonymous FTP users cannot see what is in that directory, they can only put files in there. This keeps unauthorized users from uploading any files they wish to your directory to be used as for their own purposes. You however, have full read and write access to those files when you log in normally with your account username and password via FTP. If you then wish to allow others
  • To download the newly uploaded files from your incoming directory, simply copy or move them over to your "pub" FTP directory and every user can then view and retrieve them.
  • The "pub" directory is intended to be the main distribution point for your files to anonymous users. You can only put files in there when logged in as your account username.

Disk Space Usage
All files in your FTP directory will count towards total disk usage (even those uploaded by others in the "incoming" directory) so you are responsible for monitoring your file sizes and directories periodically. If you wish to have your "incoming" directory deactivated, please email support@pcghosting.com and we will make this directory unaccessible to outside users.

Additional Usernames and FTP Accounts
Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to create additional specific usernames or accounts to log into specific areas of your FTP "server". The reason for this is a combination of security issues and the current configuration of the Anonymous FTP service.

The intended use of this resource is to allow you to offer an area that your visitors or clients can upload or download files from your online area. If you desire a more specific methodology for this configuration, we will be glad to discuss this with you on an individual basis and recommend the best course of action based on all available options. Please email hosting@pcghosting.com if you have any requests or questions.