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Web Site Statistics Support

The Need For Statistics

Statistics are the key to accounting for the traffic a Web site receives. Gathering information about a Web site's visitors assists the Web page designer in organizing and displaying their content. Each visit to a Web site is recorded in that system's log files. Knowing which pages and files are most often accessed let you know if your design is working, or what adjustments you should make in order to bring these highly requested files more quickly to the surface.

PCG Hosting clients are offered three statistical reporting options. We automatically generate 2 separate types of statistical reports each day, and rotate these reports out to permanant files in each user's directory at the beginning of each month.

How to access your statistics:

To access your statistics, simply log into your customer control panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel). There is a section called "Stats." From there you can view statistics for any of the three packages we have available.

PCG Hosting's Statistical Options
PCG Hosting offers the following reports on both a daily and monthly basis:


Analog produces a detailed output in HTML that features graphical representation of the number of requests in a variety of ways including: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly reports, reports on file types, reports on errors and successful requests, etc...

While more basic looking that the other options, it provides very detailed statistics. To access your Analog stats, simply log into your customer control panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel). There is a section called "Stats." Click on Analog Stats and then the month your wish to view.


Webalizer is a very good, graphically oriented statistical package. To access your Webalizer stats, simply log into your customer control panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel). There is a section called "Stats." Click on Webalizer Web Stats. You are then presented with an annual summary. For more detailed information, simply click on the month you wish to view.


Urchin is a very powerful statistical analysis package providing reports in an easy to use graphical format. To access your Urchin stats, simply log into your customer control panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel). There is a section called "Stats." Click on Urchin and then login with your primary user name and password.

* NOTE: By default we do not configure Urchin for all domains. If you would like Urchin stats, it is a no-cost option. Simply email support@pcghosting.com with your domain information (domain name, user name and password) and ask that it be installed.

Other Reporting Options (including "custom" reports)
PCG Hosting offers clients their full statistical "raw" log files (usually referred to as "access_log" files) on both a daily and monthly basis. We do this in anticipation that our clients may wish to have access to reports that are more advanced and full-featured than what we could normally offer on a daily basis.

Using one's "access log" file, clients can create a report simply by inserting the file into a third-party software product. For example, products like WebTrends (http://www.webtrends.com), are very simple to install and create reports with, yet offer very detailed reports that can be scheduled as often as the client likes.

You can download your raw log files in your control panel by clicking on the link that says "Raw Log File" under the Stats section.